Ever since Marvel Studios gained control of the former Fox property, fans have been wondering what to expect Deadpool 3 It looked like. Little did they know that it would star both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. Yes, that’s right—Wolverine is back, one more time.

Fans have continued to be happy talking about the whole situation – which has eased the pain of recent times blade news

But what exactly is the third? Deadpool going to be about? How will everything work?

The biggest question is undoubtedly about his status in the MCU. The film is likely to be set on Earth-616, but it’s just as likely to be Wade Wilson’s last adventure in his home universe.

At least, the actors confirmed one thing: they will not touch the continuity Logan, a fan favorite that ended with the death of Jackman’s character. This is a whole different story.

Now, thanks to some lip-reading skills, fans have revealed more information about what to expect—or at least some funny quip-y dialogue from the dynamic duo.

Reading Deadpool’s Lips


Most recent tail off Deadpool 3 Update, a fan has stepped in to help read Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman’s lips, as their latest shenanigans have them talking about what will be included in the upcoming film. the catch? Well, the music was playing to their exclamations, so nothing was revealed.

However, thanks to the magic of Youtube user Jomboy Media and his lip-syncing abilities, fans will be able to see what they say.

Before the song started playing on the two jokers, Reynolds announced, “What happens in the movie outside… these two fucking people…”– And then it becomes impossible to understand.

Reynolds continued his sentence by saying, “Get out there… and he’s like grrrrr,” In which Hugh Jackman, at the same time, confirms what Reynolds says “Yes,” And then how is he”Sex drags on.”

The Deadpool The actor added, “And I’m so grrrr… and then I,” As Jackman goes all in, announcing, “And I just grab him… and I’m chasing him everywhere.”

Reynolds continues his story, exclaiming, “And we’re going to all these different places,” To which Jackman replies, “And we’re going to have this huge huge huge explosion and woof.”

Without missing a beat, Reynolds jumped on his co-star’s exciting words, saying, “Yeah, and I have swords shmm.”

The dialogue closes as the two make a bunch of explosions and action sound effects as Jackman whips out his imaginary claws and sticks them into Deadpool’s skull.

Reynolds isn’t down and out, however, as he comes back into the frame, it’s clear “I’m fine, and I’m totally laughing about it.”

To clear things up, Jackman explained, “And I’m alive too, but you really have to see it because we’re in our prime. It’s real, unbreakable.”

Agreeing with him, Reynolds concluded, “And what a way to depend on you.”

Jackman, presumably in complete honesty, continues, “I’m so excited about it, you’re going to love it.”

Deadpool agreed as he announced this to applause “It’s going to be the best.”

The two ended the video by thanking Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige for his work and giving them a chance to reunite.

The full video from Jomboy Media can be seen below:

Could this dynamic duo already be here?

Naturally, everything the two were talking about was pure nonsense—it had nothing to do with the actual events of the film; Maybe. The dynamic duo was just having fun while simultaneously proving why they would be so great on screen together.

It’s all new and exciting Deadpool 3 Reportedly, fans will have to wait another two years for all this to come true.

Wolverine and Deadpool interacting properly on screen is something that Ryan Reynolds and fans around the world have wanted for a long time. Thanks to the magic of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s actually going to happen.

But who else might join this next trip? Could the other X-Men join up? Maybe Colossus? Maybe Deadpool will be able to watch the Fastball special.

Deadpool 3 It will hit the theaters on September 6, 2024.

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