Marking another major merger in the representation world, sources told Deadline that the unnamed content management and production firm is in exclusive negotiations to acquire Grandview/Automatik. The two companies have had talks about a possible merger, nothing serious, but talks have escalated over the past few weeks and sources close to the situation say they are now exclusive.

Representatives for both companies declined to comment on the discussion.

Grandview/Automatic has been seen as a popular potential acquisition for some time as the company, founded in 2014, has grown from a small boutique to a major player in the management and manufacturing world. Insiders say that even after initial talks with Anonymous began in the spring, Grandview was still looking at other offers as it decided what was best for the company. In recent weeks, the unnamed content that has gotten the company going has finally made the most sense for Grandview/Automatik going forward.

Grandview has 20 managers who work with over 500 clients including Joe Kosinski, Ryan Condle, Justin Siemian, Dan Trachtenberg, Hiro Murai, Molly Smith Metzler, Olivia Cooke and Adam Wingard. That list will join an impressive roster of Anonymous that includes Samuel L. Jackson, Emma Stone, Stanley Tucci, Julia Garner, Richard Madden, Joel Edgerton, John Hoffman, Bill Condon, Autumn De Wilde, Sally El Hosseini, John Hillcoat, Dave Kazganich. , Nicholas Sparks, Marlon James, RJ Palacio, Elizabeth Gilbert, Emma Donoghue and The New York Times.

On the production side, Automatic has produced more than 80 films and television shows over the past eight years – including Oscar- and Emmy-winning projects. La La land And Bad education Professional franchisees such as a hypocrite And inauspicious

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