A month after footage of Boosie Badaz being put in cuffs during a traffic stop, the 39-year-old rapper has shared a video of police pulling him over again.

“I’m gonna perform a concert in front of the cops because they pulled me over again,” the Louisiana rapper said in a clip shared on Instagram. He then taunted the Fairburn Police Department in the video, who he had previously accused of targeting him. He performed two of his tracks, “Set It Off” and “Fuck the Police”.

“You want to shut up, you want to run your mouth,” he raps at the officers while filming on his phone. “You want some gangstas in front of your motherfucking house, we’ll take this bitch out.” He then called the officers his “fans” and switched to rapping “Fuck the Police” instead. “City, fuck ’em, drugs, fuck ’em,” he rapped. “Feds, fuck ’em, DAs, fuck ’em. We don’t need your dogs on our streets, say it with me, fuck the cops, fuck the cops! Without that badge you’re a bitch and a half n***a, fuck the cops, fuck the cops.”

In another of the post’s slides, seen above, he showed his cash and asked if he would be detained. “Are we going to jail or not?” he asked. “The money is ready. It’s pocket change. It’s pocket change. The money is ready if we go to jail. That’s what we need to know. It’s pocket change. Thirty thousand is what I keep in my pocket to spend a day. What do you do all year? Forty? Thirty-eight, right? If you ever get tired of working for them, come work for me. I’ll pay you double. If you ever get bored, ’cause you don’t talk much, I like you. So if you get tired of this, I’ll give you Will pay double and suck your dick anytime you want. Anytime from black women.”

According to a statement shared by the Fairburn Police Department XXL, the rapper was allegedly pulled over for driving 73 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. “Before pulling over, something was thrown from the car he was driving,” the statement said. “The item was not found or identified. The vehicle was searched due to the odor of marijuana. A small amount was found, but no charges were issued for marijuana. He was issued two citations for speeding and littering and later released.”

The video comes a month after body camera footage showed police pulling him over for a window violation. He accused Georgia police of targeting him and threatened to sue the police department.

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