though House of the Dragonhas just premiered, HBO has already made it clear that Game of Thrones The prequel is here to stay, at least for a while.

Today HBO announced Ryan Condal and George RR Martin’s House of the Dragon The saga about Westeros’ infamous family of inbred dragon riders has been renewed for a second season. In a statement about the renewal, HBO executive vice president of programming Francesca Orsi sang House of the Dragonpraised and expressed confidence in the ability of the creative team behind the show to tell a compelling story.

“Our phenomenal cast and crew took on a huge challenge and exceeded all expectations, delivering a show that has already established itself as must-see TV,” Orsi said. “Many thanks to Jorge, Ryan and Miguel [Sapochnik] To take us on this journey. We couldn’t be more excited to bring the epic saga of House Targaryen to life with Season 2.”

Martin is steeped in history princesses and queens, The Novel House of the Dragon Based on this, there was no way HBO’s show could cover it all in a single 10-episode season. Based only on House of the Dragonwas specifically designed to echo much of Season 1 Game of Thrones In a way to appeal to fans of the original series. But Jas House of the Dragon continues, its success can be determined by how much new energy it brings to its story that was not present in the source material. Currently, there is no word on when it will go into production House of the DragonThe second season of will start or when will the season premiere.

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