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Deadline has revealed Netflix’s live action Resident Evil The series has been canceled after the first season. The streaming service will No Ordering a second season of Capcom’s action-horror series based on the popular video game.

Although it debuted in the top 10 on Netflix, Resident Evil moved out of the most-watched show after only three weeks. Critics gave it a 55% on Rotton Tomatoes and the audience score was 27%. In our own review on Nintendo Life, we labeled the series “another misstep in the world of live-action adaptations.”

“Trying to please new players and longtime fans alike, it doesn’t exactly stick the landing. Callbacks to iconic moments from the game are certainly nice for veterans, but accomplish little more than muddying the waters for newcomers to the franchise. Conversely, the show’s insistence on moving away from the games’ overarching narrative means That veterans are going to walk away with this overwhelming and, frankly, confused feeling.”

This isn’t the first time Netflix has made a live-action adaptation of a popular series after one season, and it probably won’t be the last.

How do you feel about this news? Have you worked up the courage to watch the first (and now only) season of Netflix’s Resident Evil show? Leave a comment below.

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