Netflix has removed the LGBTQ tag from the Ryan Murphy-produced Jeffrey Dahmer limited series, “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story.” The show, starring Evan Peters as a notorious serial killer, launched on the streaming platform on September 21 and was categorized under the LGBTQ tag for at least two days. A source with knowledge of the situation confirmed this Diversity The LGBTQ tag was officially removed as of Friday, September 23.

The decision to classify “Dammer” as LGBTQ content sparked controversy on social media, with many members condemning Netflix for the decision (via the Los Angeles Times). The tag is commonly used for spotlight shows like “Heartstopper” and “Sex Education”, both of which feature LGBTQ characters and topics in a positive light. “Asphalt” technically has an LGBTQ character since the serial killer is a gay man, but as one member wrote on TikTok, “That’s not the representation we’re looking for.”

“Netflix, I’m begging you to please reconsider Dahmer with the LGBTQ tag, especially as one of the tags when you open the app,” another member wrote. wrote on Twitter.

All television series and movies on Netflix are categorized into categories to help drive the streaming platform’s search algorithm. “Dammer,” for example, was initially classified as “LGBTQ” in addition to “ominous,” “psychedelic,” “horror,” “vintage crime,” and “dark.”

21 Sep Since its launch, “Dahmar” has been a ratings hit for Netflix with 196.2 million hours of viewers in its first week. Reviews are of the lesser kind. Variety television critic Caroline Framke panned the series for being “predictable” and added, “It’s a dreary, sepia-toned slog that barely justifies its own existence.”

Removing the tag is far from the only controversy that “Dahmer” has courted since its debut. Real-life family members of Dahmer’s victims have condemned the series, with Rita Isbell, Errol Lindsey’s sister, telling Insider, “It’s sad that they’re making money off of this tragedy. It’s just greed.”

Netflix did not respond of diversity Many requests for an official statement on the matter. “Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” is now available to stream.

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