One thing about Arondir? He will come prepared. Learned the hard way in episode 6 of Adar The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power.

When the orcs attacked a watchtower near Tirhard, they encountered a series of booby traps set by wood elves. Arondir boxed the creatures inside and then collapsed the tower on them, buying the time the villagers needed to return home and prepare for battle.

Meanwhile, the Númenóreans moved closer to Middle-earth, and a restless Isildur tried to get his first glimpse of the land. Galadriel approaches him on deck, inquiring as to who he is and why he wants to be a soldier. “I was trying to get as far away from that place as possible,” he told her. He did not believe that there was a kingdom of islands real Númenor, and wondered if it ever existed. But Galadriel confirmed that it existed and was still in his heart. She then asks Elendil about how Isildur’s mother died and he reveals that she drowned.

As the Southlanders prepare to defend their village, Arondir attempts to destroy the ominous sword. When that proved impossible, he chose to hide it.

Remember the Alfirin seed that Bronwyn gave to Arondir in episode 1? In a romantic gesture, Arondir gave her one to plant before the battle, planning to plant the rest later. He was promising to start a new life with her and Theo when it was all over.

When night fell, the orcs marched on Tirhard and the battle began. Arondir fought a tall, muscular orc (in dire need of a good conditioner) who didn’t even flinch at being stabbed in the eye. The knife now beckoned His With the eye — and orc blood on his mouth — the elf was almost turned to the afterlife, but then Bronwyn killed him at the last second. And when the dust settled, the Southlanders celebrated their expected victory… until they realized they had killed their own people. These were the men who left to join Team Sauron.

Adar had stopped in the forest and as soon as his army came out, the villagers were showered with arrows. Bronwyn’s shoulder was hit and Arondir took her in his arms and placed her inside the walls of the tavern. She lost a significant amount of blood and was barely conscious, forcing Theo to bandage her wound.

As the orcs forced their way through the door of the tavern, Galadriel, Halbrand, and the Numenoreans rode across the land on horseback. But will they reach Southlanders in time?

Things were not looking good for the villagers. The orcs began slaughtering those on sight, and Arondir was taken captive to be interrogated by Adar about the hilt. Arondir refused to leave, and the orcs killed more Southlanders. When Adar further threatens to kill Bronwyn, Theo rolls up and retrieves it from its hiding spot on the floor.

It was the perfect time for the Númenóreans to arrive on horseback. Mirroring Gandalf’s arrival with the army of Rohirrim at Helm’s Deep Inn The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, seafaring men rode from Tirhard to aid the Southlanders in fighting Adar’s army. Isildur joins the battle, no longer just a static sweep.

Galadriel chases Adar and Halbrand follows them into the forest because he wants to settle. When Halbrand wanted Adar he asked Adar if the orc leader remembered him. Spoiler alert: not by Adar. This upset Halbrand and almost threw the spear through Adar’s throat, but Galadriel stopped him. Did Halbrand lose his wife? Or a child? It felt personal.

Galadriel then interrogates Adar, realizing that Morgoth kidnapped and mutilated him into orcs. Adar preferred the word Uruk (not to be confused with the much stronger Uruk-hai, created by Saruman in the Third Age and marked with his white hand).

He explained that Sauron was dedicated to “healing” Middle-earth after his master’s defeat. The Dark Lord sought power, but something was missing: a shadow of dark knowledge that had been hidden from him. Adar said he sheared enough of his “sons” to satisfy Sauron’s aspirations and claimed to have killed Morgoth’s apprentice. Galadriel, of course, did not believe this. Still, Adar continued to harass her, and it was Halbrand’s turn to stop her from killing the Uruk leader.

The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of PowerIn a tender moment, Galadriel tells Halbrand to forget what he did in the past and let go of that guilt. In contrast, Halbrand admitted that he never thought he could fight by her side until today. And guess what? Galadriel felt it too. are the vibes Vibration.

United, the Southlanders, and the Numenoreans celebrate Adar’s defeat against the Uruks. And when Bronwyn – eyeing the insignia Halbrand wore – recognized him as the promised king of the Southlanders, he finally claimed that title.

However, this was not a real victory. The cloth that was demanded to be carried was only a deception. A sow was planted in the ground beneath a stone wall with a carving of Morgoth’s face. The hilt was the key that unlocked the mighty dam, which pumped water through an underground tunnel and into a nearby volcano. It caused a terrible eruption that sent ash, smoke and scalding debris into the air and landed on the village. (Note: Do we think this is Mount Doom?)

As everyone ran for cover, Galadriel stood her ground and watched the chaos and destruction. Amidst this confusion Adar escapes and Galadriel is seen engulfed in the last puff of smoke.

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