Chloe Feinbaum as Nicole Kidman

Chloe Feinbaum as Nicole Kidman
Photograph: SNL

It was a wild year for AMC’s darling Nicole Kidman ad. Running before nearly every movie in AMC theaters since September of last year, Nicole Kidman’s “Heartbreak Feels Good in Places Like This” ad has become a year-long exercise in racial satire. This is a rare example of society weaning itself from cynical corporate pleas for protection by taking advertising seriously. Kidman’s bright pinstripe suit, which includes the indescribable Jurassic World As an example of pleasant moviegoing, and her sly smile become word salad Bumper stickers, T-shirtAnd Internet memes On how theatergoers pay homage to the god of movies: Nicole Kidman. Now, after a full calendar year of jokes about advertising, Saturday Night Live Finally came close to prepare The joke That people above Twitter is was to push for the months.

In its season 45 premiere, SNL In a faithful recreation of the AMC spot, cast-member Chloe Feinbaum sends a thick Australian accent down unda’, with Feinbaum exaggerating Kidman’s reaction every bit of the ridiculous ad copy. As Kidman neared the end of her speech, colleagues in the theater began saluting the screen, saying, “This is where heartbreak comes in.” Kidman’s powers increase as the chant begins and she is imbued with the power of the Marvel second act twist, rising above her seat and attracting lightning bolts to her shiny suit, undermining her ability to “make the movie better”.

Nicole Kidman AMC commercial – SNL

Unfortunately for anyone who enjoyed the commercial at AMC theaters, SNL Memes die, a sign of their overexposure, and hit a certain “take” that will be seen by millions. Much of the sketch consists of Kidman’s accent being funny, while the others more or less respond to the commercial with a hyperbolic version of it – saluting, cheering, and treating Kidman with respect.

We already know that AMC has produced a sequel To their beloved pre-roll bumpers, which will no doubt contain more nonsensical statements about the magic of movies. So after this, there’s only one thing left for Nicole Kidman to pick up the bones of her viral success. SNLPlaying against Chloe Feinbaum, as they shoot lightning bolts from their fingers and argue which heroes are the best part of us—because here they are.

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