Evelyse has fired shots at AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa following recent reports of Rosa being difficult to work with.

A fan took it Twitter saying that she “might be right for a change” in reference to the heat between her and Rosa. In response, Evelyse went to her page To post the following response:

“So I was right [Bill] DeMott, (3 years later truth revealed) I don’t understand how it was understandable that I was wrong [Thunder Rosa]and IMA Women Aged.”

Problems between the two women arose when Lou worked together in the underground. The two faced each other on the September 16, 2020 edition of “Dynamite” which was grueling and reportedly turned into a shoot match. Rosa later denied there was any heat between the two and said she was glad the pair managed to finish the match without anyone getting hurt. Ivelisse exited the company in April 2021.

Roja has been under fire of late. She apparently can’t stand Brit Baker (and vice versa) and has issues with Baker’s tag team partner Jamie Hayter after breaking her nose during a match. The women reportedly tried to be professional with each other, but failed to address their issues on a personal level.

Rosa announced last Wednesday on “Dynamite” that she would pull out of her All Out title match against Tony Storm due to disc issues in her back. Baker, Hayter, Toni Storm and Hikaru Shida will face off in a Fatal Four Way match to crown the Interim Women’s Champion.

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