A leaked graphic from Warner Bros. narrows the gap between HBO Max and Discovery+ audiences.

As reported by The Daily Beast, an internal graphic revealed that HBO Max’s audience is quite different from typical Discovery+ users. An analysis of the leaked document suggests that Warner Bros. Discovery is pursuing a strategy to lure HBO Max users into the Discovery+ fold, allowing Discovery+ to focus on its core strengths. Meanwhile, the initial rounds of layoffs have faced criticism for removing disparities from their executive and management workforce.

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The document shows that HBO Max is skewed towards an ethnically diverse demographic, including mainly single people and those who drive fuel-efficient hybrid vehicles. These users use social media more actively, mainly TikTok and Instagram. In contrast, the social media used by Discovery+ viewers are Facebook and Twitter, if they use social media. This data is corroborated by statistics showing that Discovery+ viewers are primarily “empty nesters” or grandparents. Meanwhile, the typical HBO Max viewer doesn’t have kids.

The public shake-up of Warner Bros. Discovery began in August when the studio permanently canceled the nearly completed Batgirl As part of the decision to cancel the film, it was also announced that — despite the $90 million investment — the film would never see the light of day on the streaming platform. The studio faced major backlash from fans and Hollywood figures over the cancellation, with Kevin Smith recently stating that “it was an incredibly bad look. [for Warner Bros. Discovery] To cancel Latina Batgirl movie.”

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The studio has not given an official reason Batgirl, although test screenings led to an allegedly “irreversible” film. CW’s subsequent cancellation shine Series and significant release date changes for DC Films Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom And Shazam! Wrath of the Gods Warner Bros. pointed to the possibility of a complete strategy change for all DC properties under the new leadership of Discovery president and CEO David Zaslav.

As many as 70 employees have been laid off from the HBO Max platform as of August, including entire development teams dedicated to unscripted, international and family/kids content. Anonymous former staff members have pointed out that the layoffs disproportionately affected non-white employees, thus adding to the “lack of diversity at HBO,” according to one former executive, who added, “A lot of black and brown people lost their jobs.

In response, HBO pointed to content like Euphoria, Rap Shut, Black Lady Sketch ShowAnd spookies, All of them have a diverse cast and crew. It remains to be seen what the streaming platform will look like once all the pieces are in place, but a fired executive told The Daily Beast, “Don’t be surprised if there’s a new name for the platform.”

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