House of the Dragon It has been criticized for not having a trigger warning before its dramatic debut.

of HBO Game of Thrones The prequel was seen by a record-breaking international audience when it premiered earlier this week, but was criticized on social media for including a grisly childbirth scene, without warning.

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In the episode, King Viserys, played by Paddy Considine, orders a caesarean section on his wife Emma Arryn – played by Sian Brooke – while she is conscious – and the operation kills her and the baby.

Director Miguel Sapochnik told the press that he had consulted with several women before deciding to include the scene, with some charities believing that a trigger warning should be added before the episode.

Jane Coates, director of bereavement support charity Sands, told the BBC the importance of events like this House of the Dragon To make people aware of what can be shown. She said:

“I think it’s really traumatic for anyone.

“With 13 babies dying every day in the UK, the situation has a direct impact on a large community of people.

“That way, people can be better equipped with knowledge and make an informed decision to watch or skip certain scenes or episodes.”

John Whipple, creator of trigger spoiler website, added that he believes streaming services should “try to create alerts for each user, possibly even recommending what to watch based on the user’s specific triggers.”

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