Alexa Nicholas in 2005

Alexa Nicholas in 2005
Photograph: Michael Buckner (Getty Images)

TV producer Dan Schneider has been an unsettling subject for Nickelodeon for years—his multi-decade tenure at the network has been a mix of tremendous success, and allegations of unprofessional conduct, It includes many young actors who work in its various shows. Now that discomfort is back in the news, As Alexa NicholasA star in a Schneider-produced series Zoey 101He has been talked about during protests against Nickelodeon Treatment of his child starsSchneider is calling achildhood trauma maker,And made it clear she didn’t feel safe around him while on the network.

Writer, creator and producer on some of the network’s most successful shows (Drake and Josh, iCarly, victoriousand many others)Schneider’s star-making run on the network spanned the late 1990s until 2018—when Nickelodeon abruptly announced it was severing ties with him, citing an internal investigation. The New York Timesfound “Evidence of Schneider’s verbal abuse of his colleagues.

NicholasA few days have passed since the protest on Thursday iCarly Old JaneNate McCurdy Rekindles Conversation About Nickelodeon’s Treatment of Young Artists With the Release of Her New Memoirs I am glad my mother died. McCurdy’s book does not mention Schneider by name—But it contains countless stories of a man known only as “the creator, who verbally abuses and manipulates young actors, encourages them to drink alcohol, Yells at them and gives them what they don’t want Back massage. (The The New York Times Schneider’s internal investigation report states that no evidence of sexual misconduct was found.)

Since her tenure Nickelodeon, Nicholas founded activist/whistleblowerto blow group eat predators, which focuses mostly on the music industry—but has recently branched out into TV. In addition to talking about her own physical discomfort around Schneider — and when he and other officers Zoey 101 Taking her alone in a room and yelling at her, then a young teenager, until she screams – Nicholas demands an investigation at Schneider’s manufacturing company, Schneider Bakery. Among other questions raised, Nicholas says she’s curious about how many former cast members from the show’s production signed non-disclosure agreements (McCurdy alleges in her book that she was offered $300,000 to never speak about her experiences at Nickelodeon).And expressed concern — as many people Over the years there have been concerns about the potentially sexual nature of some of the footage filmed for various series.

Nicholas’s protest focused not only on Schneider; She focused more on Nickelodeon and accused executives of abusive treatment of child stars.

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