Beanie Feldstein Announces Brief Funny Girl Hiatus Due to Tonsillitis

All Photos From: Google Image

Earlier this month, Beanie Feldstein revealed she'd be playing her final performance as Fanny Brice

The Golden Globe nominee, 29, shared on Instagram that she will have to miss some performances

"Hey everybody, I'm just checking in. What have I missed? What's been going on?" Feldstein prefaced the clip

"I'll start. I just got back from the ear, nose and throat doctor, who told me that I have tonsillitis

which is extremely contagious," she explained. "And she cannot allow me to go back onstage through

I cannot wait to do my last two weeks... and, you just gotta laugh at a certain point

The actress previously had to miss several performances, including when she tested positive for COVID-19 last month

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