Destiny 2: Season of Plunder 6 new thing

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A new season of Destiny 2 means new Exotics, but Season of Plunder has a surprise twist.

The Delicate Tomb is included in the Season of Plunder Exotic Season Pass. Season pass holders will receive it immediately.

but after achieving season pass level 35, free players can also acquire it.

Traitor's Vessel, an exotic bonus for Delicate Tomb, fires a wide horizontal spread when fired from the hip.

Tempest Cascade is an intrinsic perk of Delicate Tomb that gives the weapon a buff whenever you pick up Ionic Trace, causing the next shot to Jolt targets.

Rocket Tracers is Quicksilver Storm's Exotic perk, which causes multiple hits from the auto rifle to generate a homing micro-rocket.

Rocket hits on Grenade Chaser cause grenades to be loaded into the weapon. Quicksilver Storm enters grenade launcher mode when the reload button is held down.

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