Details Revealed on Jackbox Party Pack 9

All Photos From: Google Image

Party Pack 9 will now allow players to ban players from the lobby or within the game after several requests from Jackbox fans, particularly video creators and livestreamers.

This will be particularly helpful in bumping a friend who needs to leave a party early or kicking out internet trolls during live feeds.

The most recent game in the long-running Jackbox Party Pack series is called Fibbage 

Players in this slapstick bluffing game are given a genuine fact with a crucial word or phrase blanked out, and they have to enter lies that correspond to the blank to trick their fellow players.

You earn points for discovering the real truth and deceiving others with your falsehood.

Nonsensory is a playful, carefree game of perception and intuition that mixes writing, sketching, and guessing.

Nonsensory provides fans with their fix of imagination and enjoyment with imaginative suggestions that gauge their NSP levels (Nonsensory Perception)

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