Don McLean recalls the creation of "American Pie."

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Don McLean has watched as people have performed his popular song "American Pie" aloud at last call or at karaoke for decades and he commends you for your effort.

The Recording Industry Association of America named "American Pie" as one of the top five Songs of the Century, making it a masterpiece.

A full-length feature documentary about McLean, who is well known for his unique song "the day the music died,"

It’s mandatory viewing for McLean fans or anyone who has marveled at his sonic treasure

Additionally, it serves as a sophisticated model for subsequent films that delve deeply into a song and its broader cultural significance.

McLean reveals the meanings behind the songs his followers are humming loudly in bars and on the radio.

The documentary begins when a single-engine aircraft carrying Jiles P. Richardson, Ritchie Valens, and Buddy Holly crashes.

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