Earth spinning faster could timekeeping

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The planet typically completes one complete rotation on its axis in exactly 24 hours. However, this has not been occurring recently, which has left experts perplexed.

On June 29, the earth experienced its shortest day ever according to records, with one rotation taking 1.59 milliseconds less than 24 hours.

There are other ideas, according to the Express, even though specialists have not yet identified the precise reason why the world is speeding up.

Some scientists have hypothesised that it might be caused by glaciers melting or significant amounts of water building up in reservoirs in the northern hemisphere.

Others think it might be caused by seismic activity or the planet's molten core moving.

Additionally, experts express concern that the earth's quicker rotation may have negative effects.

According to reports, technologies like GPS satellites, smartphones, laptops, and communication networks—all of which depend on incredibly precise timing systems—would be the most seriously affected.

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