Due to allegations of adultery, Emily Ratajkowski is divorcing Sebastian Bear-McClard.

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The model, 31, and her husband Sebastian, 41, wed in 2018 in a courthouse ceremony. They have a baby named Sylvester Apollo Bear who is one year old.

According to a close friend of the celebrity, their relationship is having issues as a result of cheating allegations.

After Emily was seen pushing their infant on a stroll in his stroller last week, the couple ignited break-up rumours.

In lieu of the customary white gown, the celebrity chose to wear a mustard yellow Zara suit to her low-key wedding ceremony at the nearby courthouse.

In February of last year, the couple welcomed Sylvester, and Emily announced the news by posting a picture of herself nursing the baby.

"We like to say that our child will tell us their gender when they are 18 years old and that we won't know until then.

This is a wondrous and terrifying concept, one that renders us both helpless and humbled.

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