End of China Minions film 

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"Minions: The Rise of Gru," the fifth instalment of the lucrative "Despicable Me" franchise, was released in China this month, several weeks after it was released in the United States.

However, the international version of the family-friendly action film, which is set in 1970s San Francisco, focuses on how the villainous Gru got his start as a tween criminal.

Chinese moviegoers are treated to a different conclusion where the good guys triumph.

Chinese screens reassure viewers that Wild Knuckles, Gru's law-breaking instructor, is apprehended by the police and imprisoned for 20 years following a botched theft.

In the final scenes of the movie, Knuckles just gives cops the slip by pretending to die, but in the Chinese version, he uses his con artist abilities to help out inmates.

where he establishes a theatre ensemble in order to pursue his "passion of performing."

It is not the first time a popular foreign film has been altered for cinemas in China where the entertainment industry faces some of the world's strictest censorship rules and is tasked with promoting

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