ESA launches upgraded Vega-C rocket on first mission

ega-C, the newest iteration of the European Vega rocket, has launched on its debut flight, VV21. Vega-

As part of its first mission, the vehicle carried seven payloads from several European nations to a targetted 6,000 km

ega-C (Vega Consolidation) marks a significant upgrade over Vega, with most parts of the vehicle being

with most parts of the vehicle being enhanced or swapped out entirely. Its development was spearheaded by lead contractor

The European Space Agency (ESA) will be managing the initial flights of Vega-C, before handing over

The first stage of Vega-C is the P120C solid rocket motor. This new stage is larger than Vega’s P80ac

giving the vehicle higher performance. P120C motors will also be utilized as side boosters on the upcoming Ariane 6

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