Garth Brooks kicks off two nights of concerts at Bank of America Stadium

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For the sake of providing fans with a more intimate setting, Garth Brooks split his performances into two nights on Friday and Saturday.

Crews are closing off the upper levels of Bank of America Stadium to give concert-goers better, lower-level seats, splitting

“Finally, got it for the Stadium Tour, had an unbelievable on-sale day, and then this thing called COVID came in

I’m trying to laugh because it’s so depressing what COVID has done, so we had to cancel it,” Brooks said.

Brooks’ Stadium Tour at Bank of America Stadium got canceled twice because of COVID, but now he joins a big list

“Here’s the crazy thing: you can put two people in a room today and 99 percent of the time they’re not going to agree

The River,’ ‘Friends in Low Places’ that probably wouldn’t get along politically, but I think that’s the great thing about music

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