HBOMax Removes 200 SesameStreet Episodes

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The removal of "Sesame Street" episodes and other recent content by HBO Max appears to be part of the company's transition to new owner Warner Bros.

Variety obtained a statement from an HBO Max spokesperson. "We are committed to bringing 'Sesame Street' into families' homes in the future."

including Season 52, which premieres this fall, and the 400-plus episodes from previous seasons that are still available on Cartoonito on HBO Max.

Sesame Street first aired in 1969, and only 29 episodes from Seasons 1, 5, and 7 are currently available. Approximately 650 episodes were available to stream prior to this change.

HBO Max listed 456 total episodes of "Sesame Street," including a selection from Seasons 1, 5, and 7, as well as the entire lineup from Seasons 39-52.

Only 29 of them are from the first seasons. Previously, the streaming service offered approximately 650 Sesame Street" episodes 

HBO Max removed several older episodes of "Sesame Street" this week, according to Warner Bros. Discovery.

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