John Wick 4 Trailer Makes a Surprise

All Photos From: Google Image

The first trailer and poster for John Wick 4 were revealed at San Diego Comic-Con 2022

They reveal some of the great conflicts that Keanu Reeves will face when the fourth instalment hits theatres on March 24, 2023.

The trailer was released after Keanu Reeves stormed Collider's website.

Chad Stahelski, director of John Wick 4, was on the Directors on Directing panel.

At the start of the footage, Hiroyuki Sanada's Shimazu approaches John Wick and asks him a question.

Then we get glimpses of Clancy Brown's currently unknown character, who could be the major antagonist.

"No one, not even you, can kill everyone," he is told. Shimazu has obviously not seen the first three flicks.

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