Only the "aesthetics of health" are important to Kylie Jenner:

All Photos From: Google Image

Fans are making fun of Kylie Jenner on social media by pointing out 'tacky' details in the reality star's $36 million property.

Fans recently got a peek inside the home gym of the beauty mogul thanks to Travis Scott, Kylie Jenner's baby daddy.

Reacting to the photo, fans slammed Scott for focusing on the ‘tacky’ detail flaunting designer weights.

"The Christian Dior weights are killing me, haha. Luxury companies truly produce everything, "According to a Reddit user.

 “It’s ironically tacky. If I had that much money I’d be getting the most well-designed gym equipment from companies that specialize in it.

"Most inconvenient weight rack on the planet.

"They only care about the aesthetics of health,” another post read.

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