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A top Warzone player has claimed that Warzone 2 will include the much-desired FOV slider on console.

Activision announced that Warzone Season 5 will be the final season and major content release of the classic CoD battle royale

Despite the exciting new features arriving in Season 5, players are looking forward to Warzone 2.

A potential release date for the battle royale sequel was leaked in August. Players are incredibly eager to learn more about Warzone's upcoming chapter after the date of November 16 was released.

Furthermore, it appears that players may be getting their most desired feature that was missing from the original.

Since the days of Verdansk, console players have been requesting a Warzone FOV slider. Of course, the feature never made it to Warzone, and with Season 5 

The good news is that a top Warzone player named Metaphor is now claiming that console players' biggest wish will be granted, as a FOV slider is on its way to Warzone 2.

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