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On February 11, 1990, the ground in Tokyo shook so fiercely that its reverberations could be felt, if not literally, 6,650 miles distant in the little upstate hamlet of Catskill, New York.

Boxer Mike Tyson, who had a 42 to 1 chance of winning, was knocked out for the first bout in his professional career in the early afternoon at the Tokyo Dome.

With a 37-0 record and the title of undisputed heavyweight, Tyson started his downfall at the hands of the underdog James Buster Douglas, a skilled fighter who had been criticised for "lacking heart

At 1 minutes and 23 seconds into the tenth round, Tyson lost his footing and was unable to recover.

The sporting world was astonished, especially those watching in Catskill, the little Hudson River village where Tyson honed his craft.

It was inconceivable that "Iron Mike" would be defeated in his prime by anyone, much less a journeyman; at the time, 29 of Tyson's victories hadn't even gone past the fifth round.

The "baddest guy on the earth" being knocked out by Buster continues to rank among the biggest upsets in both sports and boxing history.

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