Meghan Markle ‘no real victim’ after using UK for own gain

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Meghan Markle received criticism for presenting herself as the victim when she was, in fact, the Royal Family's "ruthless" leader.

the extract from the book reads, “The conference call ended with both the senior royals [the Queen and Prince

I was especially sensitive’, Meghan later admitted, ‘to this as I had very recently married into the family

In turn, Harry fretted that Meghan needed protection. He sympathized with her resentment of the Palace’s

It even goes on to allege that Meghan Markle seemed completely “isolated and vulnerableith her resentment of the Palace’s

the point where no one in the Royal Family ever “suffered as much embarrassment from their own

She is not a victim, Meghan Markle. She has ruthlessly used her Royal title to undermine the Royal Family and the British Monarchy

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