NASA reveled sound of black hole 200m

All Photos From: Google Image

No one can hear you scream in outer space, but a black hole might be audible.

NASA's Exoplanets Twitter account shared audio of what a black hole 200 million light-years away sounds like to the human ear.

The tweet was also used to address the widely held misconception that there is no sound among the stars.

"The misconception that there is no sound in space stems from the fact that most of space is a vacuum, with no way for sound waves to travel," they wrote.

The cluster featured in the video is known as Perseus, and it was discovered in May in honour of NASA's Black Hole Week. NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory discovered the data.

"Astronomers discovered that pressure waves emitted by the black hole caused ripples in the cluster's hot gas that could be translated into a note 57 octaves below middle 

"It's very exciting," she said recently of becoming the first indigenous woman to explore the galaxy.

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