Launch of NASA's epic Artemis 1 spacecraft

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If everything goes as planned, NASA's historic Artemis 1 mission will launch toward the moon one week from today (Aug. 22).

It will be a spectacular event, and not just for space enthusiasts. NASA's live webcast

"The Philadelphia Orchestra and cellist Yo-Yo M will also perform 'America the Beautiful.'"

Artemis is not intended to be a "flags and footprints" mission, in contrast to Apollo.

NASA said that backup launch dates of September 2 and September 5 are available in the event that Artemis 1 is unable to launch on August 29 due to inclement weather or technical difficulties.

The first lunar exploration mission in NASA's Artemis programme is slated to launch from Florida's Kennedy Space Center on August 29 at 8:33 a.m.

A crewless Orion spacecraft will be launched to lunar orbit by Artemis 1. Orion will remain in space for six weeks before splashing down in the ocean on October 10.

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