New Chat Feature Debuts on Twitch

All Photos From: Google Image

This week's broadcast of Patch Notes on Twitch included a new chat feature that will eventually allow content producers to pin conversation messages to the top of the chat box.

Using this feature, broadcasters can permanently attach their own or community members' messages to their chat windows so that others can view them.

following their typical loss in the chat scroll. Although the functionality has already been hinted at, we now know more about how it will function.

And it's not difficult to understand how it operates either, given that all it truly does is pin a message to the chat box.

The pinned chat functionality is demonstrated in the segment from the Patch Notes episode below, where someone took a message from their chat and chose the new "Pin Message" button.

When a message was pinned, it was visible at the top of the chat window for a brief period of time before viewers may expand or collapse it.

Given that this initial use of the pinned chat functionality is an experiment, Twitch says it is interested in learning the answers to that query.

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