New Xboxcontroller the dark side starwar

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You might have heard that yesterday, May 4th, was International Star Wars Day 

where die-hard Star Wars fans honour the evil side of the intergalactic saga. What better way to mark the occasion than with an Xbox controller decorated with Stormtroopers?

For Xbox Series X and S, Razer has unveiled a brand-new controller that was inspired by the famed white space troopers. The artwork was created to resemble the white helmet used by troops.

This controller, according to Razer(opens in new tab), is ideal for "Imperial loyalists and Star Wars enthusiasts alike."

The wireless remote control has a tonne of really amazing features, like textured grips, analogue impulse triggers, quick charging, and a magnetic compact system, so it will be secure.

On Amazon, this exact controller costs $199.99. (opens in new tab). To commemorate May Fourth, Razer also released controllers with Mandolorian and Boba Fett themes (see below).

Even though this year's Star Wars celebrations may be coming to an end

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