OKAY  after headon motorbike collision

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The collision happened at the weekend while the actor was driving his gold 1970 Oldsmobile on a bendy canyon road near Los Angeles

Jason Momoa is apparently doing "well" after being engaged in a head-on traffic crash with a motorcycle

The Aquaman star was reportedly driving his gold 1970 Oldsmobile on a winding canyon route near Los Angeles

The 42-year-old actor was unharmed, but the motorbike rider was brought to the hospital with "minimal, non-life-threatening" injuries

According to KTLA, the accident happened on Old Topanga Road

Vitaliy Avagimyan, 21, was the driver of the 2012 Honda motorcycle

Momoa waved down a passing car to phone 911 and assisted Mr Avagimyan until an ambulance arrived

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