Orphan First Kill A phoney returns

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A prequel to the 2009 horror movie "Orphan," which starred Isabelle Fuhrman as Esther,known  "Orphan: First Kill."

The tale is lifetime channel material, not least because it was "inspired" by a real-life incident.

Without giving too much away, "Orphan: First Kill" borrows a number of ideas from the 2012 film "The Imposter."

The tension between this real-life suffering and the standard degree of comedy produced by Fuhrman's casting is a big part of the movie's interest.

"Orphan: First Kill" teases the audience with the promise of steadily increasing action, just like the TV movies it's somewhat elevating.

What else would you name a film in which a grown lady portrays a younger grown woman angrily?

she plays the piano with bloodied fingers, wraps an Ace bandage around her breasts, and drives about in a stolen car.

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