Renaissance Want Us Dance Troubles Away

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Beyoncé understands that the world needs a reason to celebrate right now. With a continuing epidemic, divided politics

We're overwhelmed by an increase in needless violence and the oncoming global climate calamity.

The term "Renaissance" couldn't have come at a better moment.

Beyoncé's seventh solo album, act one of a three-part trilogy, arrives six years after she bared her soul on "Lemonad" in 2016. 

Beyoncé's journey has entered a new phase, one marked by freedom, confidence, and sheer, unadulterated fun.

The 28-time Grammy winner has been known to boldly explore with several genres, including pop, blues, and country.

It elevates the music of the ballroom, the late-'70s disco-funk era, the '80s club scenes, and the '90s Black house.

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