Resurfaced video reveals Jennifer Lopez always intended to take Ben Affleck’s last name

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Jennifer Lopez always intended to take the last name of her beau Ben Affleck after tying the knot as revealed

JLo has legally changed her name to Jennifer Affleck following the nuptials according to Clark County Recorder's

The Marry Me actor initially revealed while giving Pat O'Brien a tour of her home in Ben & Jen: A Dateline

Lopez can be seen showing off her cooking skills in the video as O’Brien asks her, "A week after you're married,

I think I'm going to stay with Jennifer Lopez, but my name will be Jennifer Affleck, obviously,

The two then have some fun figuring out the nick name for the Hollywood diva as JLo says, “J.Aff,” pronouncing it as Jaff.

It doesn't have quite the same ring to it,' she adds with a shrug before bursting into laughter,” Lopez adds with

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