Prior to trial, Ricky Martin, 50, disputes the allegations of incest made by his nephew, 21.

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As the case is set to go to trial, singer Ricky Martin has vehemently refuted the "totally bogus charges" of incest brought against him by his nephew.

The domestic violence law in Puerto Rico was invoked earlier this month, according to police spokesperson Axel Valencia

 US reports have said that the pair were in a relationship for seven months and that the relationship ended two months ago.

It is claimed that Ricky was unable to accept the breakup and that he was frequently seen hanging out close to the petitioner's home.

Ricky Martin has obviously never been in a sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew and will never do so, Marty continued.

The Peurto Rican singer has strenuously denied the “completely false” accusations and said he will respond with “dignity” to the judicial process.

"The protection order obtained against me is based on absolutely false allegations," Martin said in a statement.

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