Rifle from HaloInfinite has leaked photo

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The franchise's beloved DMR, according to a leak discovered earlier this year, would be making an appearance in Halo Infinite under a different moniker.

Additionally, videos of the M392 Bandit rifle in use have recently surfaced. In recently released footage, the Bandit is a semi-automatic, mid-range rifle without a scope.

YouTuber Stanlyhalo posted the first Bandit leak.

who, by logging into a faulty Forge session, were able to obtain the unused weapon

Since then, the user has posted a few videos showcasing the capabilities of the new weapon.

Delta Index tested the weapon's time to kill in a different video that was released to Twitter.

demonstrating its ability to penetrate an enemy's shield with four shots before necessitating either a single headshot or three body shots to finish the job.

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