singer Beth Blade refuse to be silenced

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Beth McDonald, also known as Beth Blade, discusses her sexual ordeal and why she has written songs about it.

She is preparing for the release of her ex-partner from prison. This article contains detailed accounts of physical violence that some readers may find upsetting.

Beth McDonald, known professionally as Beth Blade, is the lead singer of Beth Blade And The Beautiful Disasters. Megan Jenkins is pictured.

Beth McDonald recalls staring at a clock on the wall, counting down the hours until she thought she could flee her rapist.

Her then-partner punched, stamped on, strangled, threatened with a saw, and subjected her to a demeaning sexual assault.

She gently made her way down the stairs of their house, naked save for her socks, once he eventually fell asleep.

It would have taken too long to stop and put her clothes back on, to conceal herself.

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