SpaceX Starship booster launch 5th time

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SpaceX has moved its most advanced Starship booster prototype from the Starbase factory to the launch pad for the sixth time in five months, clearing the way for more testing.

On August 12th, Super Heavy Booster 7 (B7) made its fourth trip back to the factory after being the first prototype of any kind to execute a static fire engine.

when mounted on SpaceX's orbital Starship launch mount for testing.performed two consecutive static fire tests using one of the 20 Raptor engines mounted aboard the rocket.

Only after SpaceX attempted to test all 33 of the prototype's Raptors simultaneously during its first engine test did that somewhat cautious advancement occur.

On August 6, Super Heavy arrived at the testing area for the fourth time all 13 of the centre Raptors were gone leaving only the outside ring of 20 Raptor Boost engines that had been partially mounted

Fortunately, things went considerably better the second time, and on August 9 and 11, Booster 7 successfully completed two static fire tests after two spin-prime tests with a single Raptor engine.

Ship 24 and Booster 7 will eventually finish all the qualification testing SpaceX can provide them and be prepared to assist Starship's maiden orbital launch attempt by the end of 2022.

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