Spider-Man game Banned Taking Down Flags

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Multiple individuals were banned from popular video game modding websites Nexus Mods and ModDB for uploading homophobic content to Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered.

However, some users were offended by the inclusion of Pride flags in the game's background and installed a modification to replace the rainbow-colored flags with American flags.

The website Nexus Mods, which enables users to customise PC video games, announced last Wednesday that they had banned an account for changing the flags.

The website's description of the "Mike Hawk" account, which uploaded the altered game, stated that it was a puppet account.

an additional account managed by a different person.Bounding Into Comics reports that a user uploaded the game's Non-Newtonian New York mod.

a reference to Sir Isaac Newton's studies on the spectrum and light refraction — to Nexus Mods on August 15 in an effort to remove all allusions to or emblems of the LGBTQ community.

The decision to ban both the account that posted the patched game and the owner's original account was thus "extremely easy" for Nexus Mods to make.

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