Tessa Thompson Calls Out A Thor 4 Blooper Taika Waititi Left

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It’s no secret that Marvel movies have a lot of moving parts behind the scenes which ultimately result

And in the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe release, Thor: Love and Thunder, filmmaker Taika Waititi puts

balancing a fun comedic tone with some heavier themes (He even throws in some zanier elements like

the heroic and viral space goats and Russell Crowe’s ridiculous Zeus.) Amid all of that,

 Waititi apparently used a wrong take involving Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie in the final movie, as pointed out by the actres

Taika Waititi and Tessa Thompson recently teamed up for Vanity Fair's Notes on a Scene series, during which filmmakers

a single scene in a film and explain the finer elements of it. Check out the moment when the Valkyrie actress

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