Untold available on Netflix.

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This is simply the most recent in Netflix's excellent series of UNTOLD documentaries, which may have surpassed ESPN's enduring 30 series.

the preeminent sports-documentary brand in operation today There hasn't been a flop yet, and The Rise and Fall of AND1 isn't about to break that streak.

It's difficult to believe that a brand as synonymous with streetball cool as AND1 began with three Wharton graduates, but that's exactly what happened.

Tom Austin decided to launch a basketball brand after graduating from business school in the mid-'90s and becoming dissatisfied with the prospect of working at an investment bank.

The t-shirts, with slogans like "I'm Sorry, I Thought You Could Play," "I'm The Bus Driver, I Drive Everyone To School," and "What's Wrong, Momma?" Have you forgotten to pack your game?

Marbury suffered an ankle injury in his first game wearing AND1 shoes, jeopardising the launch and prompting his agent to threaten to "throw your shoes in the trash on national TV."

AND1's plans for world dominance appeared to be doomed before they even got off the ground, forcing the brand to regroup.

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