US Air Force pays $1.9 million to SpaceX

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US Air Force pays $1.9 million to SpaceXSpaceX has received a $1.9 million contract from the US Air Force for its now-battle-tested Starlink satellite internet services.

The US Air Force will employ Starlink as part of the contract to support activities at the German Ramstein Air Base. For both fixed locations and mobile users,

Currently, Starlink is intended for use at fixed locations. Earlier this year, a new "Portability" function was released; it costs extra per month.

nonetheless, using the existing connections in moving vehicles is not intended (not that has stopped some people with a bit of hackery.)

SpaceX has made it plain that it aims to provide Starlink services to various types of moving vehicles, including boats and aeroplanes. Prior to this year,

The FCC gave SpaceX a temporary permit to connect moving vehicles with Starlink.

Telecom networks were attacked when Russia began its invasion of Ukraine, and there have been numerous instances of Ukrainians using Starlink to keep connected.

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