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The transformation of She-Hulk into a massive green monster was unintentional. Literally. It began as she was driving with her cousin Bruce. He remained in human form.

The good news is that the attack failed. Bruce made it. Worse, the Sakaaran who sent that ship created another powerful adversary in the process.

The first episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law is now available, and as with everything Marvel, there are a plethora of MCU Easter Eggs and references.

Episode one demonstrated how Shulkie's origin differs from the comics while retaining the broad strokes. She inherited her Hulk powers from her cousin.

Marvel's trademarked QR codes, which were previously hidden inside the series, are also back. This was also done in Ms. Marvel. After Jen's coma, you can see her as she awakens in the pub.

Following a dialogue with her coworkers, Jennifer Walters addresses the camera directly, giving the impression that she is speaking to us.

We return to Jen as she confirms that she returned to her life and told Nikki and her family the truth.

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