A video has emerged of an elderly woman slapping a flight attendant after he took away her alcohol.

The incident took place on a budget British airline Jet 2 flight from Manchester, UK to Rhodes, Greece.

A woman in her 70s allegedly became aggressive at a male employee after he refused her request for free champagne – and then took away her gin and tonic.

The pilot was forced to divert the plane to Munich, Germany where the woman, who has not been named, was escorted off the plane by nine policemen.

The old woman slaps the steward
An elderly woman was allegedly slapped by a flight attendant after she tried to confiscate her gin.
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After not getting her way with the champagne, the woman orders a gin and tonic.

But a flight attendant took away the drink after the woman allegedly became aggressive.

Video footage taken by a passenger and shared on TikTok shows a male employee leaning into a row of seats to try to calm the woman down – but her body language suggests otherwise.

The old woman slapped the flight attendant
The flight to Greece had to be diverted to Germany where the woman was ejected from the plane.
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He was seen trying to restrain the hands of an old woman who was flailing violently around.

But after struggling to control her, he stands up – and that’s when the 70-year-old pensioner rises from her seat and slaps the male employee twice.

Before the clip ends, another employee is seen helping to restrain the woman slumped in the seat.

A Jet2 spokesperson apologized for the inconvenience caused to fellow passengers.

The old woman slapped the flight attendant
Passengers filmed the incident and uploaded the video on TikTok.
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“We can confirm that flight LS819 from Manchester to Rhodes was diverted to Munich Airport yesterday to allow disembarked passengers to disembark,” the spokesman said.

“We would like to apologize to customers for this unexpected delay and any inconvenience.”

The footage was shared on TikTok where it received over 25,000 comments.

“Disgusting and unacceptable behavior anywhere, especially on a plane, what’s wrong with people?” A person wrote.

Slap the old lady
The woman had become aggressive after being denied a request for free champagne.
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Others were also shocked by the elderly woman’s antics, with one person joking: “Not as if it’s an OAP haha”.

“Too much wine. lol,” said another, while a third added: “Welcome to the no-fly list.”

A passenger on the flight said the woman repeatedly asked for free champagne and when a flight attendant told her it wasn’t part of the service, she resorted to a gin and tonic.

“The flight attendant removed her drink as she became aggressive,” the passenger claimed. “She started swearing and having violent outbursts. At one point she got up and tried to open the cabin door mid-flight.

The passenger has also claimed that the woman urinated on three seats.

When the plane landed in Munich, nine police officers escorted the woman off the flight. The plane was grounded for two hours before finally proceeding to its original destination of Rhodes.

“The health and safety of our colleagues and customers remains our number one priority and as a family-friendly airline, we take a zero-tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour,” a Jet2 spokesperson said.

“We will not hesitate to vigorously pursue any costs resulting from this diversion.”

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