• Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the situation at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant was “extremely dangerous”. Europe’s largest nuclear power plant has reconnected two of its six reactors to the grid after the shelling caused it to shut down for the first time in its history. “Let me emphasize that the situation is very dangerous and dangerous,” he said in his regular evening speech on Friday, praising Ukrainian experts working to “prevent the worst-case scenario.”

  • Residents near Zaporizhia plant It is reported that iodine tablets were givenFears are growing that the fighting around the complex could lead to disaster.

  • Zelensky said the world avoided a “radiation catastrophe”. Thursday when electricity The Zaporizhia plant was cut for an hour after a fire broke out around the Russian-held complex in southeastern Ukraine.

  • A team of inspectors from the United Nations nuclear watchdog is set to make an emergency visit to the Zaporizhia plant, according to the report. Sources told the Wall Street Journal that it is “almost certain” that a mission from the International Atomic Energy Agency will visit the plant early next week, though details are still being finalized.

  • Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister, Iryna Vereshchuk, has announced plans to expand mandatory evacuations for civilians living on the war front. Speaking on national television, she said the priority would be to evacuate women, children and elderly people from some districts in eastern Kharkiv region and the southern Zaporizhia and Mykolaiv regions.

  • Ukrainian forces have attacked a key bridge used by Russian-held forces in southern Kherson region., according to the Southern Military Command of Ukraine. The Daryevsky Bridge is the only Russian-controlled crossing across the Inhulets River, which divides the Russian-occupied land west of the Dnipro into two parts.

  • Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, an associate of President Vladimir Putin, In a French television interview on Friday, he said Russia was ready to hold talks with Zelensky subject to certain conditions, but warned Moscow would not stop its attack until it achieved its goals. “It is now imperative to leave (Ukraine’s) participation in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, but it is already insufficient to establish peace,” Medvedev told LCI television in quotes quoted by Russian news agencies.

  • EU energy ministers will meet as soon as possible for an urgent meeting to discuss this energy crisis After Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Czech Prime Minister said. The Czech Republic currently holds the Presidency of the Council of Europe.

  • Russia’s claim that it is deliberately slowing down its military campaign in Ukraine is “almost certainly deliberate misinformation,” According to British intelligence. A recent report by the UK Ministry of Defense said Russia’s offensive had been stalled by “poor Russian military performance and strong resistance from Ukraine”.

  • The Belarusian president said his country’s SU-24 warplanes have been retrofitted to carry nuclear weapons. Alexander Lukashenko said he had previously agreed to the move with his Russian counterpart Putin and warned that his country was ready to respond quickly to “serious provocations” from the West.

  • Russia is burning large amounts of natural gas that used to be exported to Germany, while energy costs in Europe have risen. The BBC reported. According to the broadcaster, which cited analysis by Rystad Energy, a plant near Russia’s border with Finland is burning an estimated £8.4m worth of gas per day.

  • Ofgem, the head of the UK’s energy regulator, has blamed Russia for driving up energy prices., resulting in the UK price ceiling increasing by 80%. Ofgem on Friday approved a £1,578 increase on the current price cap of £1,971 for the average dual-fuel tariff.

  • The German ambassador to the UK has acknowledged the risk of public support for Ukraine eroding this winter. The energy crisis is intensifying. Miguel Berger said Putin was “using gas as a weapon” in the UK and across Europe. “He wants to test our resolve.”

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